Features Overview


Drum Pads

Use the pads to lay down drum beats


Easy Keyboard

Tize Easy Chords and Easy Notes lets you stay in key and focus on making music.


Import audio from your music library, edit and loop for sampling.

Simulator Screen Shot Mar 21, 2017, 6.40.25 PM.png

Record Audio

record an instrument or vocals, loop it, and change the speed
Tize will keep everything on beat for you

Arrange Songs

With the Track Manager simply tap on an audio or midi loop to mute it or un-mute it

Add Effects

Add effects to your instruments or vocals! Now with audio unit extension (effects) support.

Sound Packs

Over 100 professionally designed sounds for you to choose from.


Collaborate and share

Collaborate with your friends. Show them what you made, or work on something together.


Ableton Link Support
allows you to collaborate live with other musicians in the same room!

Pattern Editor

easily create, move, or edit notes!


change the speed, scale, or even turn of quantize to give your song more of a live feel


never lose a song again. Back up your song to the Tize Cloud, share with your friends, or export your song to sound cloud or jam in your car!

MIDI Support

Plugin your favorite iOS compatible MIDI Keyboard.

Device support

Support for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch